Friday 11 June 2010

My Wife’s Pussy

I have had my first ever fight with my wife and my world is coming to an end.

Though the sun is out today for a change, dark clouds have appeared on the horizon of my marriage and a bottomless pit of despair has opened up beneath my feet, something like Indiana Jones in one of his more fruity adventures.

And it’s all to do with my wife's pussy and her obvious willingness to allow the neighbours to play with it whenever they feel like. Now I ask you! Is this the sporting thing to do? Surely she should consider my own feelings on the matter?

The De Greeks do not want to be overly critical, but one's whole being objects to such cavalier behaviour because her pussy is the last thing I see at night, the first thing I see in the morning and I have become quite fond of it. And I don’t think that it is overly arrogant to say that I believe it has gotten quite fond of me as well.

It is true that in the beginning I could take it or leave it alone because as pussies go, it is not the prettiest I have ever seen and, in all modesty, I have seen my fair share of pussies, I can tell you! I remember in the mountains of Switzerland I saw the most amazingly hairy…. but no, I digress, that's another story.

Be that as it may, I have come to grow fond of it and to care for it as I have never cared for a pussy before. In fact, I went on the Internet to find out as much as possible about how to care for it and how to make it happy and I can tell you that allowing our neighbours Tom, Dick and Harry to play with is nothing akin to comedy and it may in fact be detrimental to its health.

Especially Dick, the dirty sod, because I can guess what he is really like behind that slimy, ingratiating smile. One of those men I think who must, during the formative years of their boyhood, have been overly fond of boyhood acts which even the psychiatrists of today with their modern liberal views about the correct way of raising youngsters might frown upon.

In fact, you can never be sure where HE’s been at any given time and, in truth, every time I see him, I tend to give him a long, steady look calculated to blister his eyeballs, but I think he's too dense to notice. I have often wondered whether in refraining from kicking him sharply in the balls I was not neglecting my duty to humanity and it is only the spirit of neighbourliness that caused manlier counsels to prevail in this particular intent.

Did you know that according to one of our fellow hubbers “The most crucial part of enjoying a pussy is making certain to provide it with correct pussy medical care, because ONLY if you make certain that you DON’T allow anything to impair your pussy’s health will you get highest satisfaction from it?” Well show me the man or woman who will accuse me on economising on pussy health and I shall show you a base liar and a scoundrel!

And the Internet expert goes on to say that:

“The best way to ensure your pussy’s wellbeing would be to feed it appropriately”. I can honestly say that I do that whenever my wife will let me and let her deny it if she can! Just because it’s her pussy and she likes to play with it herself most of the time, does not mean that I do not try to do my bit as much as possible.

The expert goes on to say that “Actively playing along with your pussy is actually one other simple, easy, and effective pussy health care tip”. I understand and wholeheartedly agree with this brilliant expert, but I also tell my wife that it does not mean letting the whole allied army on the Western Front play with it as well! Though the De Greeks are men without an ounce of conceit in our composition, I can confidently say that I am man enough to provide her pussy with all the attention it wants or needs and I don’t care who thinks that this is boasting.

Activity and Tidiness

Under the heading of Activity and Tidiness, the Internet expert goes on to say that another easy pussy health care suggestion is to make sure that you wash it frequently. It would be idle to deny that here my faith in our expert was somewhat shaken and I began to be rather peeved at our expert. Who does she think we are? And our expert becomes even more personal when she suggests that “As a final point, continuing to keep your pussy tidy is another critical pussy health care hint that needs brushing the fur as well as always keeping it thoroughly clean as well as orderly”. This is the point at which I decided that I need not enter fully into the further arguments used by our expert and logged off.

So I ask you as impartial observers to consider the matter in a calm and unbiased spirit: Is it wrong of me to consider my wife’s proclivity of allowing the neighbours to play with her pussy singularly unfortunate?

Why get the neighbours involved? Why let them play with her pussy when she knows that I want to play with it as much as possible and, quite frankly, I am the jealous type and do not want the neighbours playing with my own wife’s pussy? Am I wrong to feel stung by the injustice of this?

I am not one to impose on your friendship and to ask you to blindly take my side in this argument, so I have taken photos of my wife’s pussy so that you may form your own unbiased opinion.

It is in the mornings that my wife’s pussy completely captures my heart by its actions. I am an early riser and as soon as it sees me when I step out of our bedroom, it rolls on its back, raises its feet in the air and slides down the stairs on its back offering me its belly to scratch. I tell you, it brings a smile to my face first thing in the morning and I cannot resist it.

I scratch her tummy and she purrrrrrrs with so much pleasure that I feel life is worth living. How could I possibly let my wife allow the neighbours to look after her pussy every time we have to go out? It just doesn’t feel right. I must insist that her preconceived ideas be revised.

An Operatic Evening

An Operatic Evening

Monday 7 June 2010

The Courtesan

The Courtesan

Why You Should Never Marry a Greek

Why You Should Never Marry a Greek

The Hurt We Cause

By Dimitris Mita
De Greek

It is astonishing to what degree the basic human principles of justice, compassion and fair play are universal, as is the feeling of guilt for personal acts of cruelty, irrespective of one’s background, country of origin, skin colour, religion or education. As, of course, also universal are humanity’s cruelty, pettiness, selfishness, unfairness and an astonishing ability to justify the most horrendous acts of barbarism with a theoretically glorified end result as a justification of the means.

I say this because a lot of us have been indoctrinated to automatically expect human beings in primitive tribes for example, to be deficient in the positive aspects, i.e. those aspects of compassion, guilt and regret for personal acts or omissions. This, in spite of the example of “civilised” Europeans causing unimaginable agony on their fellow human beings in the heart of Europe during WWII, for reasons which most of us are incapable (I hope) of comprehending. I recently had cause to feel considerable shame for my attitude towards our more isolated brethren in Africa, through a documentary called “Tribe”, on one of the educational channels. The adventurer in charge of the programme documents his stay with various tribes around the world, living as a member of different remote, primitive and mostly self sufficient people.

In one of these series, he visits the village of an isolated tribe somewhere in deepest West Africa, apparently known for its religious belief in a kind and forgiving God, whom they contact through the use of a drug found in the root of a tree. After about a month of living with the villagers, they trust him enough to put him through the religious process of acceptance into their religion and their clan. For three days he is fed the apparently disgustingly bitter tasting root containing the drug, in steady but reducing doses and for three days he vomits and purges himself continuously. After the first hour or so of this torture, the camera crew is banned from the hut where the process takes place and we, the viewers, are thankfully shown only the first bouts of violent vomiting.

The adventurer subsequently describes his experiences on camera. It appears that all who take part in this ceremony of acceptance into this particular religion go through the same drug induced and drug enhanced emotions. Our adventurers’ case was no different from the others. The drug brought rushing back to his memory, past and long forgotten and unwelcomed instances of acts or words of unkindness he was guilty of. He said that his recollection even took him back to actions he took as a child, to his earliest possible childhood remembrance. Under the influence of the drug, he was forced to experience the actual hurt he caused to his victims by the various long forgotten deeds of cruelty he had actually perpetrated in reality months, years or even decades before.

One could see in his face his shock and actual shame at having caused the pain he now actually experienced himself exactly as his actual victim did at the time of the offence. Having experienced the victim’s real pain, with himself on the receiving end, one could see how regretful he was at having committed those various acts and how he wished he could take them back. This was an ordinary human being, who had spoken unkindly to, or had taken advantage of a brother, waiter, cousin, warden, friend, secretary, girlfriend, or wife and was now feeling the deepest possible regret for having done so. It certainly was not acting. In fact he felt the need to explain himself by saying that basically he was an averagely decent human being, who had at times in the past behaved in ways which he was not proud of and would now shamefully and willingly correct those instances if at all possible.

For those who might think that there are secondary benefits to using the drug, I hasten to underline that those who go through the process are not anxious to repeat it due to its extremely painful and unpleasant nature.

What we have here is a group of supposedly primitive people who go through a very painful process, in order to experience the hurt, the sting and injury their own acts of cruelty cause to others. By feeling the damage they cause to others through their words or actions, they become restrained in repeating acts which wound their fellow man. How wonderful is that?

We all could learn so much from this, especially those of us who are parents, but we can also go a lot further than that. By seeking to understand the hurt we have caused each other in past conflicts and challenges, be they in business, in religious conflicts, in expansionist wars, in colour differences or elsewhere, we just might begin to celebrate each other’s differences and each other's right of choice. We might even learn to support each other in such choices.

As individuals, human beings are generally a kind, generous and hospitable species. It is only when the herd instinct is taken advantage of by eloquent and gifted maniacs that we forget our inherent love of our brethren of other colours and beliefs that we fall into the traps set for us and we then forget our true selves and follow shameful paths. If only we could experience the hurt we cause.